Raspberry Smoothie Bowl with Coconut
Prep time
Total time
This smoothie bowl is creamy, naturally sweetened, healthy & packed with vitamins and nutrients! A lot like a fresh and fruity sherbet that you get to eat for breakfast, and it's guilt free!
Serves: 2-3
  • 1½ frozen bananas
  • 2 cups frozen raspberries
  • ¼ cup + 1 Tbsp coconut milk
  • optional: 1 scoop protein powder or superfood blend
  • toppings: granola, chia seeds & shredded coconut
  1. Place the frozen fruit in blender (on low) or food processor and blend until fruit is in tiny pieces. Scrape fruit off the sides as needed.
  2. Next, add the coconut milk and optional protein powder or superfood blend and continue to blend until the fruit is mixed in and creamy. The mixture will be thick.
  3. Pour the mixture in bowls and top with granola, chia seeds and shredded coconut.
  4. Enjoy :)
Recipe by Cook up Love at http://cookuplove.com/2018/01/29/raspberry-smoothie-bowl-with-coconut/